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         Our apartments are in a queit and still environment . The houses are 500-800 m far from the spa.



     Zalakaros,  18/c. Liget Street


       The house has large terrace, balcony and a green garden. The house is especially comfortable for
         big families or companies. In each apartment there is a bedroom, bathroom, living room and a kitchen
         corner (spare bad is possible).
         In the house there is 3 apartments and a small room with kitchen which have an area between
         30-50 m2.For the vehicle it is possible to park in front of the house.




     Zalakaros, 3/a. Bodahegyi Street







         The house is in a beautiful and green environment. There are some shops, confectioner`s, restaurants.
         There is a small footpath from the house to the spa.There are two apartments with private entrance.
         In each apartment there is bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen corner
         (spare bed is possible).
         Each apartment has an area of 40 m2 and it`s possible to rent the whole house.
         The house has its own parking place in front of the house.       

         In each house there is Cable-Television- Connection and we are waiting for our guests with our
                                                                       own house wine!.





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